What Is Timebox™?

A Simple Agile Project Management Tool
We want Timebox to be completely intuitive for a new user. To accomplish that, we have kept it simple.

Manage Everything With One Tool
Manage user stories, iterations of any size, priorities, and releases.

Simple Planning and Forecasting
Timebox simplifies your Scrum process by automatically calculating your velocity and forecasts the delivery of your stories in real time.

No Installation
Timebox is cloud-based, allowing immediate evaluation, rapid startup, and virtual team support.

How Much Does It Cost?

Timebox is being offered at NO CHARGE to our friends in the Agile Community.

Free for How Long?
Of course we aren't a charity, but we won't ask anyone to pay until Timebox is providing lots of value to lots of people.

If you are one of our first users, you will receive a permanent discount on standard fees.

Why is it FREE?
We need lots of user feedback to help us make Timebox the best product for managing agile projects.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ.

What Makes It Different?

Start NOW
Start a project, add team members, and create your first user story in less than two minutes.

Simple Interface
See every aspect of your project easily without unnecessary clutter. Scrum quickly and efficiently!

User Driven Evolution
Submit user feedback and see Timebox continually improve because of it.

Multiple Team Support
Whether you are using Scrum or not, multiple teams can work on the same product backlog, and still maintain their own velocity and manage their own sprints.